Sitemap - 2023 - Latinometrics

Domingo Brief — Astrobiology in Chile, green partnerships with Europe, & East Asia’s Mexico craze

El Salvador’s Homicide, Women’s Education, and Texas

Domingo Brief — Undersea cables, Colombian peace talks, & Panamanian copper riches

Electricity, Tall Cities, and Female Boards

Domingo Brief — Tesla’s new factory, Panama’s protected oceans, & Pablo Escobar’s hippos?

Cheese, Stadiums, and Hard Work

Domingo Brief — Bolivian power, Dominican skies, and Mexican rescue dogs

US Congress, Urbanization, and Democracy

Domingo Brief — Brazilian Carnival, Freedom for Nicaraguan prisoners, and the rebirth of the Colombia-Venezuela trade deal

Corruption, Flowers, and Colombian Avocados

Domingo Brief — Mexico’s natural gas exports, Lula in Washington, and a World Cup in the Southern Cone?

Sugarcane, BBVA, and New Mexican Oil

Domingo Brief — Brazilian halal exports, Mexican solar parks, and Colombia’s tech boom

Inequality, YouTube Growth, and Mercado Libre

Domingo Brief — Bolivian lithium, Ecuadorian shrimp, and a common currency

Passports, Spotify, and Exports to China

Domingo Brief — Flybondi taking off, the D.R.’s growth, and Toyota Puerto Rico is thriving

Shakira, Unemployment, and Mobile Data

Domingo Brief — Mexicana’s resurrection, Colombian solar farms, & Argentina at the Golden Globes

Startup Funding, English Proficiency, and Panama’s Immigration

Domingo Brief — The return of Lula, Chile's electric vehicles, & Ecuador gets friendlier with China

Pelé, Currencies, and the Informal Economy