Sitemap - 2023 - Latinometrics

☀ Domingo Brief — 2023 in Five Charts

📊 Argentina's Tea Party

📊 Life Expectancy

☀ Domingo Brief — Milei’s inauguration, Mexico’s remittances, & Bolivia in Mercosur

📊 Banking Tech in Mexico

☀ Domingo Brief — Rebill’s launch, Dominican baseball, & Brazil in OPEC+

📊 Debt, High Development, and Venezuela’s Golden Era

☀ Domingo Brief — IDB Clima, Ecuador-DR free trade, & Brazil’s green bonds

📊 Argentina’s Migrants, Disasters, and Education vs. Income in USA

☀ Domingo Brief — Brazilian Bumble CEO, Paraguayan remittances, & Milei’s big win

📊 Javier Milei’s Opposition, Clean Energy Progress, and Brazilian Migrants

📊 Financial Inclusion, Oil Production, and US-Mexico Relations

☀ Domingo Brief — NBA in Mexico, Taylor in Argentina, & Tesla in Chile

📊 Fertility, The 1%, and Venezuelans in the USA

☀ Domingo Brief — IDB reunion, Brazil’s major exports, & 1 Year of the Brief

📊 Airbnb, Wage Progress, and High Hispanic Growth States

☀ Domingo Brief — Massa vs. Milei, J&J in Costa Rica, & Petrobras booming

📊 Venezuela's Oil Potential and its History

☀ Domingo Brief — Noboa’s win in Ecuador, the DRC in Brazil, & Venezuela sanctions relief

📊 Domestic Beer, Soda Excess, and Feeding the World

☀ Domingo Brief — Rio airport upgrades, Mexico's great September, & Peruvian avocados

📊 Development Banks, Global Deforestation, and Big Stadiums

☀ Domingo Brief — Booming degrees, Brazil-Mexico growth upgrades, & Argentine digital money

📊 Carmakers, Spanish Speakers, and GDP per Capita

☀ Domingo Brief — Aena in Brazil, Amazon in Mexico City, & Argentinean oil rates

📊 Tequila, Mineral Wealth, and LatAm as a Country

☀ Domingo Brief — Argentina’s lithium, Venezuela’s diplomatic upgrade, and Mexico’s aliens

📊 A Great Workplace, Argentina’s Yuan, and Belgian Beer

☀ Domingo Brief — Brazilian cotton, Uruguayan TV, & Caribbean cooperation

Deep Dive: Remittances (ft. Majority)

📊 Religion, Marijuana, and Gold Reserves

☀ Domingo Brief — 4-day workweek in Brazil, Uruguay-UK exchange, & Mexican abortion ruling

📊 Female Goals, Democracy Satisfaction, and Nubank’s Newest Title

☀ Domingo Brief — Brazil’s retail boom, Mexico’s electoral surprise, & Nicaragua’s China FTA

📊 BRICS, Samsung, and IMF

☀ Domingo Brief — Election week, BRICS expansion, & a digital Paraguay

📊 Modelo Especial, Gender Parity, and LatAm’s Top Universities

☀ Domingo Brief — Plastic pickup, Colombia-US trade, & the new President of Paraguay

📊 YouTube Views, Electricity Demand, and Mexico’s Trade Dominance

☀ Domingo Brief — Brazil’s Growth Acceleration Program, H&M in Colombia, & Mexican oil heading east

📊 Bimbo, Fighting Corruption, and Hispanic Wealth Growth

☀ Domingo Brief — Housing in Brazil, Bolivian telecoms, & US-Mexico trade

📊 Business Density, Air Quality, and Obesity

☀ Domingo Brief — Brazil-Chile data roaming, Mexican household incomes, & Uruguayan marijuana

📊 Amazon Land, Big Loans, and the Reconquista

☀ Domingo Brief — EU money, Costa Rica’s tourist recovery & Mexico’s e-commerce boom

📊 Tobacco, Inflation, and EU Trade

☀ Domingo Brief — Bolivian inflation, Costa Rican semiconductors, & Mexican broadband

📊 Soybeans, Panama Papers, and Trickle Down Economics

☀ Domingo Brief — Brazil’s 5G growth, Uruguay’s US opportunity, & Argentina’s IMF progress

📊 Citrus, Age, and World Trade

☀ Domingo Brief — Costa Rican peace, Brazil’s high schools, & Mexican trade corridors

📊 Plastic, Respiratory Infections, and Migration to LatAm

☀ Domingo Brief — Colombia-ELN peace, Bicycle Capital takes off, & Mexico City’s cuisine dominates

📊 Tax Havens, Uruguayan Wine, and Peace in LatAm

☀ Domingo Brief — The EU’s LatAm tour, Argentina in the NDB, & 4 amazing Colombian kids

📊 Wasted Oil, Interest Rates, and Mercado Livre

☀ Domingo Brief — Messi to Miami, Starlink over Panama, & 500-year old Caribbean wine

📊 STEM Graduates, Telefónica, and Crypto Adoption

☀ Domingo Brief — Lula’s Brasilia summit, Nubank’s Colombian bet, & Apple Pay’s Central American push

SoftBank’s Fund, the DR’s Tourism, and a Free Press

Domingo Brief — G7 drama, Walmex goes digital, & Andean connectivity

Peso Pluma, Migration Need, and Manufacturing in Mexico

Extreme Poverty, Female Labor, and Remesas

Domingo Brief — Lithium in Puno, Revolut’s Brazilian debut, & Chile looks to the stars

Population Growth, Pineapples, and a Millennial Hotel’s Revenue

Domingo Brief — Rio Web Summit, Colorado continuity, & the DR’s flying south

Coups, Social Spending, and Spin by Oxxo

Domingo Brief — Elections in Paraguay, FEMSA’s big revenue, & Chile’s lithium gambit

Openness to Trade, Internet access, and Volkswagen

Domingo Brief — Chilean FDI, Emirati-backed biofuel, & Bad Bunny breaks curfew

🇨🇳 China Special Edition — Soy Exports, Remittances, & Financing

Domingo Brief — Lula in China, Chile’s work week, & Paraguay’s IMF review

Suicides, Taiwan, and Investments Abroad

Domingo Brief — Visits from Taipei, Brazilian tourism, & Uruguay’s sustainable plywood

Ecuador’s Debt, Medellin’s Offices, and Service Economies

Domingo Brief — Argentina in Washington, tax-free solar panels, & Euro-Dominican trade

Biodiversity, Regional Integration, and Presidential Ages

Domingo Brief — Ibero-American summits, Mercado Libre’s Mexico wager, & Maersk’s warehouse expansion

Unemployment, Research & Development, and ETFs

Domingo Brief — Astrobiology in Chile, green partnerships with Europe, & East Asia’s Mexico craze

El Salvador’s Homicide, Women’s Education, and Texas

Domingo Brief — Undersea cables, Colombian peace talks, & Panamanian copper riches

Electricity, Tall Cities, and Female Boards

Domingo Brief — Tesla’s new factory, Panama’s protected oceans, & Pablo Escobar’s hippos?

Cheese, Stadiums, and Hard Work

Domingo Brief — Bolivian power, Dominican skies, and Mexican rescue dogs

US Congress, Urbanization, and Democracy

Domingo Brief — Brazilian Carnival, Freedom for Nicaraguan prisoners, and the rebirth of the Colombia-Venezuela trade deal

Corruption, Flowers, and Colombian Avocados

Domingo Brief — Mexico’s natural gas exports, Lula in Washington, and a World Cup in the Southern Cone?

Sugarcane, BBVA, and New Mexican Oil

Domingo Brief — Brazilian halal exports, Mexican solar parks, and Colombia’s tech boom

Inequality, YouTube Growth, and Mercado Libre

Domingo Brief — Bolivian lithium, Ecuadorian shrimp, and a common currency

Passports, Spotify, and Exports to China

Domingo Brief — Flybondi taking off, the D.R.’s growth, and Toyota Puerto Rico is thriving

Shakira, Unemployment, and Mobile Data

Domingo Brief — Mexicana’s resurrection, Colombian solar farms, & Argentina at the Golden Globes

Startup Funding, English Proficiency, and Panama’s Immigration

Domingo Brief — The return of Lula, Chile's electric vehicles, & Ecuador gets friendlier with China

Pelé, Currencies, and the Informal Economy